Welcome to Rosaleah  Alternative Therapies Center

A place to meet, reflect, meditate, create, open so that you are able to: move towards acceptance, nurture your creativity, relax and flow, clean and open your heart, savour your soul, take care of your temple, set conscious connections, discover your personal diamond, and move towards acceptance.

Life and its challenges constantly test us. We live in a hyper-accelerated and demanding world where finding a space for ourselves has become a luxury. Stress has become part of our life and our body and we almost do not even realize it.

It is imperative, if you want to have quality of life, to find spaces where you can take care of yourself, feel, connect and relax.

Regardless of the stage of your life in which you are: I offer my individual consultations, workshops, meditations  and concerts to have a place to connect with you and your needs. It can be face-to-face or online.

At the Rosaleah Alternative Therapies Center you will find a place to check what does not work in your life with the intention of taking the necessary steps to change it. A place to take care of yourself, enjoy yourself and learn new ways to relate to yourself and the world. A place to gain trust and connect with your inner wisdom.

In short, I offer you a place to learn to be instead of doing.

Rosaleah Center

Còrsega 566, 3º 1ª, Barcelona

e-mail: contacto@rosaleah.com

Tel.: +34 93 319 30 20  

cell phone: 637 831 592