Celebrating Gaia

The Rosaleah Center has been celebrating solstices and equinoxes for 18 years.
Our goal is to create community and a sacred, loving and safe space where we can share, celebrate, receive, learn the energy changes that Gaia experiences during the solstices and equinoxes.
Our meetings / celebrations offer you to participate in an ancestral ritual, you will play percussions, dance, sing in groups, meditate, you will create something to take you to an energetic level during the group healing that Rosa always offers during the solstices or equinoxes; You will receive a personal message through the Star Seeds Cards or Codex of Light that Rosa Puerto has created to work as an internal compass and finally a healing concert through the sound of crystal bowls, gongs, Tibetan bowls and voice.
Come and experience a magical and unforgettable encounter, bring a friend, a big smile and desire to celebrate the arrival of this holiday with joy.
With each equinox or solstice we come together to tune in around the world at that time and offer together a prayer-celebration to Gaia.
Come celebrate and share this sacred moment in the company of others who like you feel the need to join the cycles of Gaia.

What does each change of season mean?

For if we start with the spring equinox symbolizes a rebirth, after winter. The movement of spring is upward and outward, it is the beginning of the life cycle and we begin to move our energy. Here we invite you to move your energy, to expand and make visible what has been brewing during these last winter months.

The summer solstice is about a holiday that celebrates the pleasure and joy of life and the abundance of nature. Mark the exact half of the Celtic summer.

With autumn and its equinox we will celebrate a moment of perfect balance, when light and darkness, day and night are the same. The dance of autumn is that of change and liberation. And in the midst of all the colors, whirlwinds and movements, we marvel at the sudden silences ……… although our journey is an internal journey, a season to accumulate our supply of feelings.

The winter solstice has a facet of recollection and quiet and healing magic, of taking care of our interior, in order to emerge, revitalized in spring. It is as if we yearn to winter, to create within us ideas that in the spring will see the Light.