I always stayed in touch with  healing since childhood. I grew up in Barcelona in an environment that encouraged my creativity from a young age and I had a great interest in art, music and dance.


Hi ! I am Rosa Puerto.

I studied Fine arts (sculpture, painting) later theater, exploring and weaving a path to the spiritual. Later in the 80s and because of my interest in healing and personal growth, this lead me to explore & study different techniques such as Reiki, Flower Essences, Light Body Centres, Chakras, Biodanza, Course in Miracles, Color therapy, Yoga, and Meditation.

In the early 80′s I was living and working in Scandinavia as a teacher of art and drama in schools. During the early 90′s  I moved to London to work as head of the department of music and creativity of The Montessori International College. For years I was training teachers as well as  offered seminars to school teachers or those who had a deep interest for my work with the expressive arts centers, energy healing and personal growth.

Around those years I began my studies in Sound healing, for several years attending courses and trainings with several teachers. (Chloe Goodchild, Jonathan Goldman, James Angelo, Frankie Armstrong, Karina Schelde among others.)

In the mid 90s I finished my studies as a facilitator for psychodrama, group dynamics and as a humanistic counseller and my certification in art therapy. For a time did some studies with Awahoshi Kavan specialist in crystal bowls.

Today I live in Barcelona offering therapy, channeling, courses, classes, conferences both at my center called Rosaleah (before Aggelosiris) &  in several localities of the province or country.

I published  in 2010 a book on vibration and sound healing called “Terapia de Sonido” (www.mundodelasterapias)  in spanish which includes a DVD and produced 4 albums.  (Universal Mother/ El Viaje del Alma/ Meditaciones para el alma & Musica Cristalina)

I have finished my second book about the power of art initiation, meditation, shamanism and the product of a personal process for 19 years.  (Semillas Estelares: Una brujula para el camino de vuelta a tu esencia).

I have also written a book for parents and teachers of conscious games for preschoolers in Spanish and English. And I am currently finishing my fourth book with a set of 39 images for my women’s circles that I have been facilitating for more than 17 years. (Universal Mother book & cards)

I have also been trained with Miranda Gray as an advanced Moon Mother, which allows me not only to do wombblessings, but also womb healing and the healing of the feminine soul and the gift for men.

In the summer of 2018, I channeled  angelic codes to work on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies. They are called Advance Light Formulas, some of them are to be used in therapy, others are to be worn, others to place them as stained glass in your home, therapy room or work; others to work individually in therapy during my healing sessions.

My current work combines techniques of energy work, along with my experience over 21 years teaching using sound as a means of personal transformation and are supporting this with techniques of psychodrama, gestalt, art therapy, and guided meditations that combine vocal work with the energy conscious dance and creativity.

In 99 I  created a training covering various therapeutic techniques of vibrational medicine, integrative therapy and using the voice and sound healing as tools of personal transformation.

The Training is offered in Spain and South America.

My creative spirit and my deep intuition have as main objective to help you in these changing times to connect with your inner creative source.

I want to thank:

  • To all the people who work for the awakening of us all.
  • People who  supported me when I was teaching courses and training outside of my center.
  • To those who have participated  in workshops, concerts, or trainings and have given me the opportunity to see you flourish.
  • My sisters and soul brothers
  • My parents for giving me life and loving me through all
  • My two brothers who are always there with their love and support.
  • Teachers who taught me along the way and reminded me who I really am
  • To all who have taught me to know the truth and love that Is
  • To all you who are thirsty for truth and love.