I´D LIKE TO TRY ART THERAPYIt is a new world of high vibration that offers you the opportunity to let go of the physical and a new way of healing and releasing obsolete emotions and blockages that we need to let go off.
ADVANCE LIGHT FORMULAS help us deal with emotions and mental disorders, all the accumulated derbish. They have Christ energy of the 5th dimension.

I have divided them into families according to their function and they are the result of a process of artistic channeling painted with a lot of love.

There are several Advance Light  Formulas each with a specific function, some are to be use as a pendant, others to be painted, others to be used in your home or work space as moviles, others for those who are therapists during their therapy and others are for meditation.

A part from all these I have mention above, there are those that can olny be use by during an individual therapy session.

They can be used to heal various topics such as:

Various energetic activations
Activations of Christ energy
Assists those who have lost someone or those who are in transit
Connect with joy
Create sacred spaces
Connect with love
Undo anxiety
Attract and help twin souls
Assist in openings, changes, creativity, communication
Opening or healing of the heart
Unlock negative energy
Connection with the four elements
Healing and opening of the chakras
Balance and release emotions
Delete expired memories (akasic records)
Clear family karma
Resolve family conflicts
Assists those who do not take responsibility for themselves
Connect and develop your gifts
Undo internal sabotage
Find your path
Work your impatience
Help you to show who you really are
Heal and connect with feminine themes
Make yourself visible to the world
Internal freedom
Open roads
Connect with your higher self
Approach the leaves of your soul
Cellular modifications
Awaken the awareness of your divine being
Enhance yourself
Assimilate new frequencies
Physical problems related to rigidity and lack of joy
Opening of the third eye
Soul Work
Dream Work
Assists those who want to start a project and keep it
Heal unconscious emotions
Attend the therapeutic work

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