Here is an exercise to strengthen your diaphragm and give you better breath control:

Stand up, with your feet shoulder length apart , take a deep breath and feel your lower abdomen (below your navel) and then your upper abdomen (above your navel)

expand, like a balloon. Your shoulders will rise slightly. Hold your breath to the count of five and then-without exhaling-suck in your entire abdomen. Then pus it out again. Then exhale and relax

Rosa Puerto is a psicotherapist, art therapist, counseller and sound healer, autor of the book “La terapia del Sonido” (Sound Healing only available in spanish) and has produced 4 CD’s two with crystal bowls, another with songs in 7 different languages and a variety of instruments and the fourth about meditation. She runs her  Centre Rosaleah  in Spain, but teaches in different cities and abroad. 

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