Integrative therapy has different therapeutic techniques that Rosa chooses especially for you.

What is Integrative Therapy?

It is a transpersonal therapy, which has different therapeutic techniques according to the moment and circumstances of the patient.

Integrative therapy is a journey into oneself accompanied by an experienced professional, with a lot of respect and affection that will facilitate a new way of facing the conflicts that generate suffering and emotional imbalance in the life of the patient.

Through integrative therapy Rosa helps the person to become aware of the patterns that can be repeated in their life, and that create conflicts in their personal, professional and health relationships.

This work approach conceives the person as a whole, integrating their different dimensions: body, emotional, mental, spiritual and social.

What does Integrative Therapy provide you?

  • Give a different meaning to your life
  • Advice, tools and training for good self-esteem
  • Extend and harmonize your breathing
  • Eliminate stress (chest pressure, distress)
  • Learn to handle your emotions (anxiety, sadness, anger, fear …)
  • Learn to communicate, listen and listen with assertiveness and without violence
  • Become aware and change your thoughts
  • Overcoming crises, moments of stress, blockages and emotional attachments
  • To recover the health, illusion, vitality and joy of living

 What type of person might need Integrative Therapy?

  • With difficulty in relationships (couple, family, work, communication, etc.)
  • In the process of duels: separation, divorce and loss of being a loved one
  • With low self-esteem and difficulty in making decisions
  • Emotionally unstable and similar experiences are repeated
  • They want to make a change in their life

These are some of the alternative therapies Rosa uses in her Integrative Therapy sessions


This type of therapy assumes that the disease crisis we are facing (symptoms of agitation, fear and blocking) are opportunities that life gives us to make changes. The therapist is here a companion of the soul; accompanying a boatman crossing to those heading to the other side of life, a kind of  “midwife ” assisting the birthing process. READ MORE


Archetypes are the elements that make up our design as human beings and they could be defined as the Essence, the original energy and perfect form of something. READ MORE


In this work, I invite you to dive deep into a creative journey-encouraging you to explore, interpret and find out what your work can reveal about what is in you. READ MORE

foto cuencos de cuarzo seccion cuencos


During a treatment the therapist creates sounds towards the client either using instruments (tibetan bowls or crystal bowls, percusions, gongs, cimbals, tibetan bells, or others ones) or using the voice. READ MORE


Reiki is a method of natural healing based on the imposition of hands, in which the therapist acts as a channel to transmit Reiki energy (universal energy in Japanese) Reiki operates at all levels. READ MORE


You will receive guidance, personal counseling and therapy through the “Starseed” cards  READ MORE