Healing by archetypes

Healing by archetypes is an act of unconditional love

Archetypes are the elements that shape our design as human beings and could be defined as the Essence, the original and perfect energy form of something. Every organism, composed of body, mind and spirit, has original and perfect archetypal forms.

Healing by archetypes is part of sacred geometry. It is a condensed energy in forms and its perception in healing allows us a quick diagnosis to recompose and harmonize any figure that is damaged or weak.

Sanación por arquetipos, Centro Rosaleah Sanación por arquetipos, Centro Rosaleah

One of the most therapeutic actions in using archetypal healing is to release traumas of childhood, birth, gestation that cause an energetic blockage, slow the evolution of the person and produce detrimental effects such as fears, insecurities, depressive tendencies, problems Nervous and physical.

Healing by archetypes is a unique synthesis of creative visualization, an energetic work with the hands and application of archetypes, that is realized in few minutes, allowing to treat all type of physical, psychic or spiritual problems.

The one who uses them can, from the personality of the soul-heart, detect and modify the incorrect archetypal forms that produce vibrational blocks. The Colin Bloy method of healing by archetypes is an act of unconditional love.

I came because I was overwhelmed emotionally and very dispersed. Since my session with archetypes I am more focused, cheerful and vital. Looks like they’d have taken a load off me. Thank you. Eduardo, Barcelona

I suffered from fatigue, anger and much internal impotence. Since I have known this technique and enjoyed its benefits, I feel totally different. I’ve made a trip from my head to my heart. Natalia, Tarragona