Explore, interpret and discover what your works can reveal of you.

A session of art therapy invites you to carry out a creative process to explore, interpret and discover what your works can reveal to you.

To participate in a session of art therapy is not necessary to have experience in any type of artistic modality. Art therapy opens a door to the imagination and play, uniting different languages: music, dance, visual arts and theater.

What is most important in art therapy? The creative process has a great healing power, can push you towards emotional well-being if you are willing to try and you want to live an experience of growth through art.
When it is difficult for us to express in words what we feel, such as deep trauma or repressed emotion, art therapy helps us to express these issues and to be able to choose from a varied palette of options. Artistic expression helps us to see a light in a moment of darkness. It has great therapeutic potential.


What do our clients think about art therapy sessions?

I thank you from my heart for all the help you have offered me to connect with my inner child, with my innocence, through art, music, movement and expressivity and thus better integrate all my facets into my daily life. Frank, Germany

I never thought I could express myself clearly and without fear when painting my emotions. Now I know that it is possible to enjoy every moment of the creative process. Nigel, Ceuta

Art therapy has given me back the urge to play. Thanks! Sara, Valencia