Through psychotherapy we assume that the illnesses and crises that we go through, with their corresponding symptoms of agitation, fear and blocking, are opportunities that give us life to make changes.

The therapist is here a soul companion; A boatman who accompanies the crossing to those who go to the other shore of life. It is like a kind of “matron” who attends the process of birth, birth of a new self.

The therapist welcomes empathizing with the suffering, and points out helping to focus the consciousness in that which gives meaning to the existence. This allows us to find that great treasure that is to know oneself.

What I propose is not to fight “evil” but “despite” evil. With psychotherapy you will be able to accept your limitations and learn from the experience of falling, turning the error into learning.

Many people come to the consultation looking for solutions and longing for clarity. Actually, what they are looking for (although they are not aware of it) is a new mental model and the awakening to a greater path than will give deep sense to their life.

Most people who apply for psychotherapeutic therapy are healthy people who want to be happier than they are. Some of them feel disoriented, they go through crises and they look for an integral development in their life through therapy and find answers to all their questions.


The rose has no why: blooms. Ignores itself. It does not question if she is seen or not.

With these sessions I offer you the union of the spiritual with the psychotherapeutic facilitating the growth of your own self. This therapy will put you in touch with your essential identity.
Once the pain and restlessness that have motivated the initiation of therapy have been alleviated and once new mental patterns have been learned that build a happier ego, then we address aspects such as:

  • The search for the meaning of life
  • The exercise of creativity
  • The “detachment” or faculty of distancing oneself from the ego and observing it
  • The inner experience of certainty
  • The vision of what we really are
  • The capacity to love without object, as a state of consciousness
  • The field of intuition
  • The feeling of transcendence
  • The ability to serve and love all sentient beings

Rosa offered me her experience and trainning of years to accompany me in my healing, awakening and transformation process. A caring environment with affection where one can open up, express and heal what he needs. Highly recommened. Rosa’s essential qualities, her creativity as a way to heal, grow, express and that accompanied me in several personal processes. Peter, psychologist

I came because I could not relate in a healthy and efficient way and this was affecting me at work and with my partner. Rosa helped me connecting with the source of this block and gradually re-trust, open up and balance my emotions. Now I express what I feel by setting healthy limits. Thank you for accompanying me on this journey of transformation. Lau, administrative