Reiki opens the inner doors, gives clarity, connects and sharpens your intuition.

Reiki is a natural method of healing based on the imposition of hands, in which the therapist acts as a channel to transmit Reiki energy (universal energy in Japanese).

Reiki acts on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). Therefore, it can be applied to treat all types of problems: bodily disorders and discomforts, metabolic dysfunctions, acute and chronic pain, energy blockages, muscular and nervous tensions, emotional disturbance, depression and lack of vitality, nervousness, insomnia and stress , In its various manifestations.

Reiki opens the inner doors, gives clarity, connects and sharpens your intuition. It is a journey that takes you to discover the person you did not know about your interior.

In difficult times of inner changes, reiki can accompanie you, helping you to see the source of the problem and giving you tools to walk alone and learn to enjoy the here and now.

Possibility of performing the distant healing treatment

This remote form of healing can be used to send thoughts of love and healing through Reiki energy at a distance. Either to another person or to an animal, on a health issue, emotional problems or a difficult situation that you are going through.

It is necessary to send a letter describing the details for healing, such as “What do you want for healing” and the desired result. A photo of the person or animal that receives the cure is required.

Read what my Reiki patients say: Reiki has been a great discovery, a valuable tool that I can apply, with other therapies, with sound, and simply when it is needed. It does not involve any expenditure of material, or having to carry anything spatially and on the contrary contributes a lot. It has been useful to me in the first person, and on the other hand I have been able to share it to help those around me. Now it’s part of my life. Thank you. Sinhendra, London

 The Reiki courses opened the possibility of making me responsible for my life and also helped me to become aware of many internal aspects of myself. Thanks for being. Mira, ItalyI

 started doing Reiki sessions with Rosa to help me greatly in times of personal crisis. My husband had died and I needed to process and integrate this experience. Cathy, Edimburgh  
Amazed and grateful for the love she has had during the course and the counseling so carefully, I am amazed to feel the energy moving in her hands, it is a beautiful experience that I can share with my family. Thank you. Susan, USA