Sound healing applies therapeutically sound frequencies to your body with the intention of bringing you into a state of harmony and physical well-being.

What can you get with sound healing?

The goal of this technique is to help uncover, loosen and resolve unconscious conflicts. The music and sounds here act as a catharsis of emotions not verbally expressed and as an influence that can produce changes in your personality creating a bridge to well-being.

During sound healing sessions, sounds penetrate the cells of your body, the conscious and unconscious mind, and can be very helpful in dealing with painful body blocks and emotions. This technique will allow you to improve your body awareness, relax your nervous system on a deep level, relieving stress and anxiety and helping you to be more in connection with your intuition through external and internal listening.

Sound healing uses various tools during the sessions: overtones, mantras, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs, percussions, tingshas, ​​monocords, etc. These instruments help you achieve physical and emotional balance while you lie comfortably.The Soul song During these sessions I can also create a song especially for you: your Soul song to be able to do a much deeper work.

There are three levels within this healing modality:

  • Balance of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. A sound massage with instruments of high vibration to bring peace, health and well-being. A sound bath that will make you feel like new and very relaxed.
  • Communication with your essence. Apart from the use of sound to harmonize and raise the vibration, it establishes a communication with your interior to look for the origin of the dysfunction and to solve it.
  • We will also look energetically at what sounds you could use for your personal healing during the sound healing session.

Calm, connection, presence, deep relaxation. I felt like I was in a state of reverie as when I sleep. Amazing! I recommend it to anyone with stress or concentration problems. Caty, Tarragona

The pure, crystalline sound of the bowls has totally enchanted me. My body has relaxed deeply and I felt that a blockage in my arms was released while I was swimming with the music. Thank you for this wonderful experience. Rosa, San Feliu de Guíxols (Gerona)

I am amazed with the result of healing with quartz bowls, I have felt so much, and released so much … Thanks a thousand. Cristina, Ecuador

Beautiful sing with the bowls or sing with the gongs, I liked the whole experience. Julia, Barcelona