I´D LIKE TO TRY ART THERAPYYou will receive guidance, personal and therapeutic advice through the letters “Star Seeds”

Every single one of us we need guidence when we come to a crossroad, when changes overwhelm us or have a physically, emotional or spiritual loss,.

Each and every one of us sought response to situations that happen… These sessions offer you guidance, counseling, and support through the visionary work of Rosa Aleah: the Starseed cards.

An inner initiatory journey (Rite de passage) so you can find your way to transformation. In addition to your personal reading with these cards you will receive a meditation and a personal mantra.


In each of these cards I found a part of me that I knew existed but it was simply asleep. Each meditation I did with Rosa showed me what should be the next step and add strategic pieces that  help me to understand . I managed to confront fears when most needed, give importance to what  I have, and understand what I didn’t, gain confidence in myself, and above all to be sure that were I was as a path is the right one. Thanks for creating an inner compass. Sergio, computer advisor

Star seeds has conected me back to my self, and  has shown my aspects that I was unaware of myself too. On one side, I have learned to check my behavior from a more loving vision. I have also learned to connect with my authentic self and try to be consistent  with joy. I was surprised, for me, these cards have the quality to show me who I am and where I am, from love and respect.  Star Seeds cards  besides being practical and wise, They are extremely beautiful. Esther, lawyer

These cards became my best ally through a big shift, tand hepl me to implement changes I wanted to live and  to be grounded. They made me feel at peace. I recommend it to everyone, You will not be the same after discovering them. Juan Carlos, marketing consultant 

I used these cards at a time of my life where I needed to see where I was, who I was and what I wanted, to learn to communicate with myself effectively, In this regard the use of theses cards were a kind of guide, they told me that there was a path and a process that had to go through. Thanks for putting a light on my path. , Nerea,Administrative

Star seeds was the key that opened my transformation. In consultation I needed a tool to become aware of my emotional armor and these beautiful and profound images touched me and helped me to go through a process of becoming aware and stay afloat. Deep experience. I recommend everyone to use this valuable tool as great experience and Rosa Puerto as transpersonal psychotherapist. Enrique, fireman