Telephone consultation and online therapy offers the opportunity to perform from the comfort
of home or place of preference. Avoiding to travel to those living in other

cities or if you suffer from a physical disabilities.

The consultation is done with the same level of trust and professionalism that a consultation at our centre.

The duration is 1 hour.

You can query via mail or via (Skype) webcam.

By mail you can do any query you need. The response will be made within 24 hours, after you  made the  payment of 40 € to the account number with the concept “MAIL (and your name)”.

Through skype / webcam you can receive personalized attention and specifically address any subject by a € 75 payment to account number:

This method will have to be validated, therefore it only be possible to request consultation following the two days payment.

* The payment will be made by bank transfer or payment via paypal at the time you request our services.

  • Gestalt / Humanist Counselling
  • Integrative Therapy
  • The song of the Soul
  • Sound Healing
  • Personal and professional advice

Each session begins with a discussion / sharing / consultation that facilitates an understanding of the fundamental beliefs that have a strong impact on your thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions, allowing that the inbalance created in your mind can be released.