The sessions include healing energy to re-programme your energy centers.

It is important to book a time for a distant healing session.

Before starting work, there is room for talk that creates the energy base and active work subtle levels of interaction. This allows customers to start moving toward the area of healing and get new energy and for Rosa to clarify any information that has come during meditation or questions that the customer may have. Then begins the session. This may include a diverse range of techniques that make the energy move in a specific manner, creating space between the body so that more light comes through.

Normally, this part of the session lasts aproximately 20-30 minutes and often incorporates several stages during which different kind of work takes place.

When transmissions are complete, it encourages the client to stretch all the time that it seems necessary before returning to consciously be in the back room. When you are ready there is another opportunity to discuss and share experience from the two perceptions. This allows not only validate the customer experience but also explain some of the experiences or sensations which he became.

 For a remote session must be requested a time.
*  A remote session may include a Reiki treatment, sound or archetypes.