Sound Healing is an ancient, present and future healing tool.

*Normally the centre offers the workshops in Spanish but Rosa is fluent in English and Swedish If you have a group or want private classes, just contact our centre and we will help you.

Sound Healing is an ancient, present and future healing tool. It may be used alone or in conjunction with any other healing technique. Sound has the ability to penetrate the cells of the body, conscious and unconscious mind, the visible and invisible. You can travel through time and space. Healing through sound it is based on the premise that all matter is vibrating at specific frequencies. The sound is powerful, gentle, effective and can help heal various types of discomfort or illness.

The voice is the mirror of our inner world. It is as unique as our fingerprints and acts as a map of our body, personal, collective and our history. We can teach our voice to modulate precisely in those areas that need healing, unlike electronic instruments that produce sounds. The human voice is superior to any instrument that has a soul, heart and consciousness and because it reflects the spiritual resonance of the person making the sound. Our voice has a spiritual printer with which we tried to contact since we were born, a personal code that defines our history, growth and ancestral roots. In our cellular memory is a memory unit, there is an inherited wisdom of knowledge. Re-discover and remember the language you’ve forgotten, that your soul remember, contact your higher expressive and creative potential.

The truth is that the use of sound is as old as our civilization and therefore there is an urgent need in our fragmented disconnected society, to re-connect with the origins of the earth. The sound healer  during sessions help the patient to connect well with the origin of disconnection and fragmentation caused by a physical condition, discomfort or a state of anxiety, or some traumatic incident to name a few. During individual and group sessions the therapist can use the voice by creating harmonics or other appropriate vocal sequences. To check imbalances  he can also use various vocal or instrumental (quartz bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs, monocordios, percussion, didjeridos) acoustic means, to bring the patient to a greater balance and physical and emotional awareness.

Each of us has its own frequency. When we are in touch with that often we focus, we feel rooted to the ground and perfectly present. However, with all the noise around us (including electromagnetic noise) easily we are distracted from our own frequency. The use of vibrational massage helps us recover our frequency. We not only have a frequency “essence” because every organ, tissue, muscle, vertebrae, chakras and the etheric field has a resonance frequency as well. The more you become aware of this symphony in you, the easier it can be to maintain a healthy flow in your music system as a whole.

We offer the following workshops and training in sound healer


We invite you to go deep within through an instrument that today gives us the opportunity to take a journey to an unexpressed or felt part of our being.



This is a weekend workshop where you will learn to use gongs and Tibetan bowls for meditation or healing. Learning different techniques to facilitate both internal process your vibrational level,


Voice Workshops

“VOICE & CONCIOUSNESS“ is a method that takes us out of our heads and leads to the heart of our being.”