“Alquimia Vocal” is a method that takes us out of our heads and leads to the heart of our being. “


“Alquimia Vocal” is a method that takes us out of our heads and leads to the heart of our being. “

The voice is a bridge that connects us with those more subtle, less visible aspects of ourselves. It is a multidimensional tool that expresses who we are. Singing our energy centers will open spaces of deep resonance, leading us to the energizing and liberating aspect of our voice.

This course shows you how your voice transforms and heals your emotions, discovering a valuable tool for your own personal growth.

-We will practice both individually and in group scaning your body to detect blockages, release physical and emotional tensions. There will also be personal advice to balance your energy centers.

The voice reveals our moods, fears, hopes, emotions, tensions, thoughts and desires. The voice reflects who we really are. Vibration or tone of our voice often tells us more about a person than words can communicate. As adult we have been moving away from our natural and spontaneous expression, far from listening to the inner voice that whispers sweet secret truth. We often numbed with thoughts that keep our mind busy and our customs intact.

This is a method that takes us out of our heads and leads to the heart of our being. “

It is a creative force, a body-voice that lives within all of us, the voice of the soul. This brings us back to our true gut feelings, allowing us to talk and communicate from our essence.

 Our voices are totally unique as our fingerprints. Our voice reflects and acts as a map of our body and the personal and collective history of our history. We can train the human voice to be modulated in order to accurately tune into any area of ​​our being that needs healing. The human voice is superior to any instrument that has heart and consciousness and because it reflects the spiritual resonance of the person expressing the sound.

The beauty and simplicity of this system is that no matter if you cannot sing or if you have not studied music.

When sound immediately takes you out of your head and takes you to the centre of your being, emotions are released; even the most repressed. Your instincts are activated and your voice starts to vibrate and talk about what I call the truth, train your body and the chi centre where our subconscious and our soul essence live. We own a tool which is a direct door to the Source and healing.

Our voice reflects all parts of our being, including our soul. For this reason, it is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to experience his true self and live an inspired life. With our voice and toning techniques and emotional release we can improve our communication, being this clearer, happier, more alive and more present in our lives. The voice touches  places we have not visited before, and  this also contains our untapped potential.

Our voice is our natural source of energy and release it helps us remember and recognize our true nature in the struggle of our human experience. Our voice yearns to be explored with trust, love and acceptance in our lives to experience whatever we have come to live.By releasing repressed emotions, which are stored in our bones, muscles, tissues and organs, in fact, we are facilitating our self-healing. When we allow sigh, mourn, groan or complain feel a sense of freedom because we are ignoring our control mechanism, our conscious mind, which controls speech and voice.

We offer two levels, two weekend workshops

Level I (weekend workshop)

Travel through the various life stages of our development: childhood, adolescence and as an adult facilitating the expression of all voices, including those that could not be expressed at the time, liberate your authentic and natural voice, accepting everything that helped and contributed to who you are. You will also learn to feel the chakras through sound and intuitive voice. In this introductory workshop we will teach how to free easily your natural voice, so playful and meditative, creating sounds that express where you are, how you feel, what you crave.

You don’t need to have knowledge of music or singing, but if you can also deepen and enjoy the workshop. Creatively you will bring balance and healing of your chakras using your creative voice, conscious movement, presence and release of the body,  practicing different tools for loading the energy centres and that you can use daily.

A tour through our identity and how we express ourselves and our voice in the world, based on the methodology developed Rosa for years.

 Level II (weekend workshop)

In this second workshop we offer you to investigate that deep voice that you inherited from  your parents, your culture and your ancestors, and seek your essence and your voice through various proposals, songs and improvisations.

Second we learn to use your voice as a connecting channel to be rooted and connect with our being. This will connect to your deepest voice and the emotions ……. this is home. We will use techniques to liberate and help you better manage your communication on a daily basis.

Finally we will work various internal rhythms and its relation to the power of the word. We invite you to take this ancestral consciousness and living force that the sound has to offer. We will work with various techniques exploring and feeling the internal rhythms and activities to clarify and strengthen your fifth chakra, communication and listening internally and externally.

We invite you to go deep  and find your voice!

This workshop is for …………………..

Who are interested in deepening their vocal skills through movement, breathing exercises, mantras, and other vocal techniques.

Teachers, therapists, psychologists.

Who are interested in experiencing the benefits of sound therapy.

*You do not need any musical experience or to learn the vowel sound therapy. Nor is it necessary that you need a meeting or you’re sick to receive the great benefits obtained and transformation through sound.