What is toning?

Toning is ulilizing the vibratory power of the voice by making long, sustained sounds, without the use of melody, beat or rhythm. We make these sounds by using a vowel, a consonant, or a combination of both, without the use of words or specific meaning. When we make these sounds, they cause vibrations which may créate overtones that reverberate in a way that is incredibly penetrating.

Overtones are high sounds that emanate from a single musical note. These tones have a high frequency (number of vibrations per second in each soundwave). Many of the overtones are higher tan our ear’s ability to hear. This is called subliminal sound, and may explain why toning has the mysterious ability to put people into a trance like state, or to invoke profound emotions. This article will not attempt to teach you how to make overtones deliverately, but overtones do tend to occur when you tone.

A tone may be high pitched and piercing or it may be low pitched and soothing– or anything in between. Any specific tone will have fairly predictable effect on the person listening to it. High, piercing tones tend to speed up the heart, and low, soothing tones tend to slow it down. Harsh tones tend to cause a feeling of anxiety, and rich, mellow tones bring about a sense of deep inner peace. Some tones stir up strong feelings, and others pull uso ut of our emotions, into a meditative state.

Pleasant, low pitched tones tend to produce a grounded, earthy, practical sense of well being. Low tones are good for getting into your body and getting things accomplished.

Pleasing, high pitched tones can help you to release stress and trascend your day to day worries. They tend to produce a euphoric, angelic, other wordly or deeply relaxed feelings. It is not necessary to have a good singing voice to become proficient at toning.

Rosa Puerto is a psicotherapist, art therapist, counseller and sound healer, autor of the book “La terapia del Sonido” (Sound Healing only available in spanish) and has produced 4 CD’s two with crystal bowls, another with songs in 7 different languages and a variety of instruments and the fourth about meditation. She runs her Centre Rosaleah in Barcelona Spain, but teaches in other cities and abroad.

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