The pure tones of the Crystal Singing Bowls are excellent as an effortless relaxation method. Listening to them very quickly brings one to a state of deep relaxation, and a space where clarity of thought is possible, as one is able to focus intentions with ease.

Excellent for sleeplessness, playing the CD as one goes to sleep will assist in the relaxation process and allow the listener to fall to sleep easily.
Meditation is enhanced as the pure tones of the Crystal Sounds assist in stilling the mind.

Physical feelings of well-being are improved as one feels a sense of lightness, vitality and inner health. When one ingests sound vibrations that are positive tones for the body, as in the Sounds of Crystal, one is taking in the frequencies required by the body, allowing the body to heal itself once it feels relaxed and strong. Often, listeners have reported that the Pure Tones of the Crystal Bowls have inspired them to treat their bodies with more care, making sure they only eat good food, eliminating all other toxic substances.

The Pure Tones of Crystal penetrate deep into the body and assist with healing many physical conditions. Many people have reported that the vibrations have “tingled” the areas affected, e.g. broken bones, hearing difficulties, hormonal imbalances in the ovaries or testes, etc. The list is endless.

Emotional feelings of joy and light are experienced with listening to the Crystal Singing Bowls. One is able to release the past worries and the future fears effortlessly, and refocus on what one truly wants to create in life. When listening to the Crystal Singing Bowls, one of the major benefits is that the sounds help us to “crystallise” our thoughts and assist with manifesting that intention in our lives. Inspiration and clarity come easily in this state.

The internal chatter of the mind is lessened, and one can realise one’s true potential in life rather than be buffeted constantly on the sea of emotional turmoil.

Spiritual awareness is deepened when one is listening to the Sounds of Crystal – feeling deeply relaxed, clear in thought, and physically vibrant. The aim is to realise that we are all part of the Divine – that there is no separation. Listening to the Sounds of Crystal allows us to tap into our inner guidance, and receive great inspiration, often life changing.



All the benefits listed above are also relevant to the couple situation, but a few extra possibilities are available:

Perhaps the most useful aspect of the Pure Tones of the Crystal Singing Bowls to a couple is for strengthening and enhancing shared values and goals. This is quite besides the relaxation and meditative qualities they can also enjoy together.

At major decision points in any relationship a tool that can focus and strengthen a couple’s combined intentions and aspirations is very useful. Not only does a Crystal Sound CD or personal session highlight important issues and blockages associated with an important negotiation, it also provides the opportunity to creatively solve differences and to combine a couple’s energies. This is done in a relaxed and non-confrontational “bath” of Crystal Sound.

A Crystal Sound CD session can be lovingly arranged and offered by one partner for helping de-stress or heal the other. In creating a sacred space with a bath of Crystal Sound many things are possible.

Massage, Healing Touch, Reiki and other healing modalities, are all wonderful tools for healing that are enhanced by having a CD of Crystal Sound playing in the background. Crystal Sound takes the listener to a deep space of relaxation. When one is so deeply relaxed, the body realigns towards it’s naturally healthy state with the pure vibrations of the Crystal Bowls. Together with a strong intention, regeneration of the body and mind to it’s true inner state of peace and well – being is greatly improved.



Again, many of the suggestions above are possible within the family setting, but the special things a family could do would be to use the Crystal Singing Bowl CD’s as a means for drawing the family closer together.

Listening to the CD and asking for clarity for an issue that is disturbing the family harmony, and then discussing the issue, would be an excellent way to resolve a difficult concern. Only when people are feeling inwardly peaceful are they able to tackle tough issues with clarity. A win / win solution is more likely when family members are feeling relaxed and clear in thought, than when feelings are running high.

Sleeplessness in children is assisted by having them listen to the CD while going to sleep. This is especially the case if the CD is played to them night after night, allowing them to feel progressively more relaxed.

Over activity is also improved over time with listening regularly to the CD. Ingesting the Pure Sounds of Crystal will balance the energies of the child, and allow them to relax more easily. It would also be of assistance if the diet of the child/ren are restricted to mainly organic and fresh foods, eliminating unhealthy junk foods, and creating a consistent and loving routine in their daily lives.

Experiences of playing the Crystal Bowls for children have shown that they are initially quite restless when first listening to the Pure Tones, but after a while, they settle down and actually go into a deep sleep – one that has profound healing properties. Repeated use of the Crystal Sound CD’s will enhance a sense of inner calmness and centredness, creating a feeling of inner confidence, harmony and well being.


“Special Needs” Children and Adults:

“Special needs” in this context concerns individuals who have a physical disability or an emotional or mental health issue.

Children with “special needs” can also be assisted by listening to the Crystal Bowl CD’s. Once again, the Crystal Sounds bring about a calming influence into their environment and bodies. Their energies are more “balanced”, and they are more able to bring out their unique talents and skills.

Crystal Singing Bowls have been used successfully with children who have been physically ill in hospital as well as children in “Special Schools”. Children with autism, aspergers syndrome, mild, moderate, severe and profound intellectual delays, all have shown noticeable positive changes in their behaviours when exposed to the Pure Tones of the Crystal Singing Bowls. Long term studies have yet to be undertaken, but anecdotal accounts all point to positive improvements, even though progress is slow. Perhaps the best time to expose them to these sounds is while they are sleeping, so no oppositional behaviours can occur at the time of listening.

On a few occasions, I have played the Crystal Bowls in a hospital setting – an intensive care ward for children. Here, the distressed children became calmer, alarms became less frequent, and on one occasion, the oxygenation levels of a severely ill baby improved significantly. The comment of one of the mothers was that this was one of the best things that had happened in that hospital, as the mothers felt more relaxed as well.

Adults with “special needs” can also be greatly assisted with the Crystal Singing Bowls CD’s in much the same way as discussed above. However, the CD’s can be used with awareness by people who have mental health and addiction issues to bring about a positive result. Listening to the CD can bring about a feeling of deep inner relaxation, a release from the inner turmoil of their condition. The vibrations may assist a person who experiencing substance cravings by creating more peace of mind as well as giving the body the frequencies it is wanting in a positive manner.

Adults with “special needs” are also benefited in similar ways to the above situations. The vibrations of the Crystal Bowls penetrate the whole body, and seem to be felt invariably in the places in the body where they are most needed. When the body feels more relaxed, as with all people, one is able to function more efficiently, think more clearly, and have a greater feeling of self confidence and well being.

When a person experiences a disability, these characteristics can be felt as a deficient, leading the person to feeling depressed about their life in general. It is important to assist people who have physical and intellectual challenges in their lives to feel more self empowered. Relaxation, self confidence and healing, are all assisted by repeated listenings of the Sounds of Crystal in a relaxed environment.

As this is a new therapy area, research and experiences with Crystal Singing Bowls is showing that there are profound benefits for those who are sensitive to the subtle vibrations of sound. Because the human being is fundamentally in tune with sound as well as light, this therapy is showing itself to be a significant contribution to a broad range of orthodox therapies.



Groups of similarly minded people often meet for specific purposes to bring about a definite intention. The Crystal Sound CD’s are perfect for this situation. The Pure Tones of the Crystal Bowls enhance the intention of the listeners, and when more than one person meets with others of the same intention, their combined thoughts create a greater “whole” than just two individuals combined. When the Pure Tones of the Crystal Singing Bowls is added, the sound creates a “greater thought form” that has more power within it to manifest into the physical.

Group meditations, peace groups, healing circles, and other groups that are focussed on positive projects for the Earth, would all have their intentions increased with the use of the Crystal Sound CD’s.

Groups who come together to plan work projects can begin with the Sound of the Crystal Bowls to help focus the group into a cohesive whole, ironing out differing viewpoints easily, and creating a clear line of action. The planning sessions can also end with the Crystal Bowl CD to energise and motivate the project members to manifest the project with ease and grace and joy.

Supervision groups can begin with the Sounds of Crystal Bowls in order to enhance debriefing, sharing and personal disclosure.

Main Stream Health Professionals:

People who work as helping Professionals – such as Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Trauma Counsellors, Physiotherapists – any professional who aims to help their clients to deeply relax to bring about transformation and healing, will find the Crystal Singing Bowls CD’s an indispensable tool.

The Pure Tones of the Crystal Bowl CD’s can be used as a background to their situations when they require their client to relax. Creative visualisation can be used and enhanced by the Sounds of Crystal, as well as the clear intentions for the positive outcome of the issue.

The Sounds of Crystal bring about a profound relaxation, taking the client beyond the chattering mind, into a clear space of inspiration and intuition, in an easy and effortless manner. This is the place where deep changes in thinking, attitude and behaviour can be affected easily through positive visualisation, minimising lengthy cognitive techniques.

Therapy groups, such as for drug rehabilitation, mental health settings, communication, encounter and dream work groups, etc, can commence with the Sounds of Crystal Bowls to assist the listeners to relax, enhance insight and clarity, improve positive communication and motivation, sharing and personal disclosure.

Complementary Therapists:

Therapists who work quietly with the individual to bring about healing and emotional transformation, will have their practices greatly enhanced by having the Pure Tones of the Crystal Bowls being played quietly in the background. It allows the listener to move away from the constant babble of the mind, into a deep meditative state, where true insight and inspiration can shine forth.

In addition, Massage Therapists, Reiki Practitioners, Healing Touch Practitioners, Music and Sound Therapists, Shiatsu, Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture, as well as other modalities too numerous to mention, will all be enhanced by the client listening to the Sounds of Crystal in the background – as the client will be able to settle down into a deep relaxation which will allow the healing to occur more effectively and easily.

Yoga teachers can also use the Crystal Bowl CD’s as a beautiful background to their relaxation sessions (Yoga Nidra / Shivasana) that will take the listener to a deep space, awakening them with vitality and a deep inner peace.


In the modern workplace greater emphasis is placed on productivity that relies on content and low stressed workers. Stress is reduced and contentment is increased through improved workplace environmental quality and recognition of a worker’s personal strengths and attributes.

Rosa’s CDs with crystal sounds, can be used in both aspects of the workplace. As an environmental enhancer the Crystal Sounds can be played during relaxation sessions, or during meditation sessions which occur in the work setting.

It can also be used as an introduction to a meeting to create the centred peacefulness that helps a meeting to proceed. Clarity of thought, insight, inspiration, a strengthening of the intention of the meeting, better communication, will all be enhanced after listening to the Pure Tones of the Crystal Bowls, as all the members will be more at peace within themselves.

To accurately enhance the work environment a selected tone that best harmonises with a group need can be played. With group intention this single tone can cleanse the workplace of stress and unwanted distraction.

As an enhancer of personal relaxation, attributes and strengths the individual worker can de-stress at will, quickly regain focus and strengthen the intention for quality work through hearing Crystal Sounds. In a general workplace situation the entire work-group can relax, strengthen intention and enhance creative solutions, by immersing in the Crystal Sounds at a specific time during the work day.

Educational Settings:

The stresses and strains of life in a school or tertiary education institution are constantly evident in the faces and words of the people who work and study there. Teachers are stressed and overworked and students are either stressing about the volume of work they have to do, stressing about social issues, or the difficulties they are having with their courses of study, as well as the inevitable torture of exams and assignments. High schools are a hot bed of emotional turmoil as adolescents muddle through the mine field of relationships and budding romances.

Teaching the skills of relaxation and centring are extremely important in such places – so that clear thinking and efficient time management practices are possible. A feeling of inner calmness and peace is paramount when dealing with high stress situations – for both teachers and students.

Relaxation sessions, creative visualisations, and similar activities that involve relaxing the mind and body can all be enhanced by listening to the Sound of Crystal CD’s. Young people have all responded with enthusiasm when hearing these sounds. These “other worldly” sounds appeal to their senses, and they can feel the effects of the vibrations in calming their bodies, and soothing their minds. They always come out of the relaxation session with vitality and enthusiasm for life.

I have played the Crystal Bowls in schools from Primary to High Schools to Universities. All the listeners there – from young children to “senior” teachers – have all said that they have felt rejuvenated and more energetic, as well as more at peace within themselves after listening to the Crystal Bowls.

In an ideal world, regular relaxation sessions listening to the Pure Tones of the Crystal Bowls would greatly help bring a sense of peace and cooperation within a whole educational institution.

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